stay in your happy place, and show up as the expert you know you are

You're an action-taker, no doubt about it...


You're busting at the seams with creativity, passion, and skills, and you're straight up changing the lives of your clients and customers.



...It's just that its getting kind of impossible to take action on everything all at once.

In the past I have often gotten side-tracked during the planning process, and end up postponing my launch indefinitely.

I’ve been a project manager of many large projects, but I just couldn’t get myself started on my own marketing! I felt a little (or a lot) lost, and stuck in my own fears of putting myself out there.

Before working with Natalie I felt overwhelmed and stuck.

I've bought so many courses in the past that I didn't finish, or that didn't pay off.​

Well take a deep breath... because you don't have to do #allthethings anymore.

Hey, I'm Natalie!!

I'm a creative marketing consultant for online entrepreneurs.


I use a little bit of magic (and a lot of design and technical skills) to help you get your products and services out into the world where they belong, so you can stick to the things you love to do AND make money (without sacrificing any more family time).


As your Creative Marketing Fairy Godmother, my team and I will help you craft a simple marketing strategy to attract the right clients, plan your project from start to finish, and wrap it up in a beautiful on-brand package.


You stick to what you love, and we'll give you a magic wand for the rest!!

Natalie really got to know my  business and advised me based on my needs, with no "one size fits all" advice.

I'm no longer overwhelmed, and after Launch Liftoff, I actually launched my new service!!



Meg Casebolt

My first launch of this new program took 6 weeks, as we created the content from scratch. The second launch of the same program took seconds.  It was almost too easy.


All of my revenue on that second launch was completely passive, and I doubled my income from the same month last year.


No ads, no sponsored posts.

That's an ROI I can get behind.

Stacey Spensley

With Natalie’s support, it was much easier to just do it. There were very clear instructions, lots of “done for you” templates, simple content, and a clear plan. It was so easy to follow.


I realized that launching isn't that hard if you can stay focused on solving the right problems.  And that sometimes less is more.  

Deb Blum

So how does this Fairy Godmother magic work?




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